I’m Julie and I live in Yorkshire, England.  From being young I have loved art and crafts.  I could knit and crochet before I started school.  Art was always my favourite lesson.  In my teens I learned to hand embroider and sew using a sewing machine.  Over the years I’ve spent time investigating different crafts.  I love to learn new techniques and develop skills.  In recent years I’ve made small, very colourful quilts.  Of all the crafts I’ve tried, I love anything to do with machine stitching.  Because of this I signed up to a Distance Learning Machine Embroidery course with Anne Griffiths at pocketmouse.co.uk.   This blog is my online journal, my means of organizing, recording and showing some of the work produced on this course.  Hopefully a means of interacting with like minded people and of gaining useful feedback and further ideas.  Any comments would be much appreciated.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Just come across your blog while doodling on the computer it’s really lovely Julie,shall definitely looking some more. Margaret

  2. Not sure if you’re still blogging but wanted you to know I’ve just stumbled on your blog. You have so much here of inspiration. I hope whatever you are doing that you are enjoying and creating with your talent. You have a real gift.

    • Hi Lou, Thank you very much for your comment. I stopped blogging for a while due to work commitments, but hope to get back to it next year. I’m so happy that you found some inspiration.

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