Art in Nature Collage and Doodles

Following on from my last post, Art in Nature with Air Dry Clay, here is another idea to get the kids thinking about shape, colour and pattern.  Feeling inspired still by Anne Brooke, I wondered if I could simplify and adapt her ideas so that children of different ages could create something simiar after a walk around Rabbit Ings.

I collected together some wallpaper samples (you can use any paper that you have available) from local shops, especially brighter colours that children would find attractive.  I then set about producing what started as a poppy picture.  The background was cut first, then red circles for poppies – edges cut in slightly for the petals, and stalks cut out too.  Then I decided I needed something larger in the background, so half circles were cut for cow parsley.  I felt the need to add daisies at the front, more circles, edges cut with pinking shears. The shapes were stuck down with a glue stick (working from the larger, higher ones at the back to the smaller, lower ones at the front), and then I used a fine sharpie to doodle on top of the stems and circles:

Simple!  On the nature walk you get the kids to look out for colour,shapes and patterns, that gives them ideas for their own pictures.

Here is a second picture completed in the same way:

The worksheet can be seen by clicking the link:

Art in Nature Paper Collage

Although I did have everything ready for this project at Rabbit Ings, we were up to our necks in air dry clay and never got around to it.  The parents went away with the worksheet, and we have the project ready for the next session.

I think you will see a follow up of this very soon, a stitched version of something similar, maybe more detail.  Watch this space!

Art in Nature with Air Dry Clay

I think I’ve mentioned previously that I’ve started to do a little voluntary work at Rabbit Ings, our local nature reserve. When I first started there the rangers told me there was an ‘Art in Nature’ session running in a few weeks time, and said they would appreciate any ideas/support that I could offer with this event.  What a perfect place for me to start.  Off I went in search of cheap, easy and colourful ideas to get the kids interested in nature.

Many eons ago I bought some air dry clay.  My intention was to use it in mixed media projects.  I did use a little of it, but it been sat on my shelf ever since, occasionally coming out for a little fresh air. I took my little batch up to Rabbit Ings, along with a rolling pin, pastry cutters, cocktail sticks, brushes and acrylic paints.  I had a short walk around Rabbit Ings to search for leaves, grasses, anything that would leave an impressing in the clay, and set about creating some examples:

Art in nature air dry clayI also created an information sheet with step by step instructions on how to make these.  If you would like a copy of the pdf just click the following link:

Art in Nature with Air Dry Clay

When the day arrived the kids and parents had a great time. They had an enjoyable walk with ‘Ranger Tom’ (every time I see him I have to chuckle to myself because inside my head I’m singing ‘Ground control to Ranger Tom, your circuits dead, theres something wrong, can you hear me Ranger Tom’ – growing up with Ziggy Stardust and Major Tom must say a great deal about my age) and myself, searching for suitable items in the wood and along the footpaths.  Once we were back in the Rangers hut the clay and paints were out and the kids were strainght into the crafts.  I’ so glad that there were other adults there to help.  I didn’t manage to get pictures of the finished products as the kids took them away when the left for the day, but I can honestly say that despite the fact that they went away with items which were of varying degrees of success (ouch) they all had a good time and went home boucy and happy!