Wire Earrings and Tree Stand

I’ve always loved long, dangly earrings, but for some reason I stopped wearing them a long time ago.  I think it’s probably due to the demands of life and the fact that I was always losing the dangly earring.  I have very few pairs of expensive earrings because I’m afraid of losing them.  Yesterday I decided it was time to wear the dangly earrings again, so I opened up my jewelry making box, took out the tools, jig and wire, and sat down to a few enjoyable hours of twisting and curling wire to produce some long needed earrings.

These are the tools and wires I used:

I bought the jig years ago.  There are lots of videos and free tutorials on the internet if you’ve never tried to use one.  It’s really easy once you get used to manipulating the wire.  I didn’t follow any patterns, just sat and played with the wires, trying out differrent ideas.  These are the earrings I made yesterday:

I started with some of the smaller ones, and they just kept getting bigger and bigger.  Who knows where it will end.

Half way through I realised that if I was going to get the best use out of them I would have to keep them on display.  I’ve tried lots of things over the years.  If I keep them in boxes I either forget about them or I don’t have time to rummage.  I’ve tried hanging them on frames in my bedroom, a piece of plastic canvas and a few other things.  None of them really suited my needs.  I need to display them near to the bathroom mirror so that I can just grab a pair early in the morning. I decided that what I needed was an earring tree.

I used some wire I bought eons ago.  It’s probably some sort of florist wire, fairly easy to bend.  I used the tools to curl ends and just twisted the wires together adding one after another.  Wire was left at the botton so that I could fan it out, and curl the ends to make the tree stand up.  When I started it I decided it was going to be a disaster, it looked…..naff!  As usual I kept going.  This is the tree with the earrings ready to be picked (click on the picture to see a larger view):

I think it looks quite whimsical, it’s certainly growing on me.  I have a feeling that this tree is going to need more branches in the near future.

In case you’re wondering, the third pair are dangling from my ear lobes today.  I now need some gold coloured earrings and some with coloured beads.  Maybe another tree or two.  I’d better declutter my bathroom window ledge first.