30 Day Doodle Challenge – 5

The weather here in Yorkshire has been terrible today, it’s cold, wet and dark.  After a busy day yesterday I woke up late and decided to do something I haven’t done since I was a teenager.  I felt in need of a duvet day.  I made myself a coffee, went back to bed, got out to find the crochet, went back to bed,  realised I didn’t want a duvet day, I wanted a Sunday afternoon TV with Catherine Cookson day.  So, after getting dressed I dragged the crochet downstairs, made myself a sandwich and sat watching ‘The Man Who Cried’.

Whilst half watching TV (I never seem to give it my full attention) I finally managed to finally finish unpicking all the crochet blocks I didn’t like and turned them into squares.  This is where I left the crochet today:


In the box on the right the squares are in groups of 10.  On the left I haven’t quite reached the 10 mark with the blocks.  The colour isn’t brilliant with my camera, they are more purple than they look (except the cream and green of course).

So now I can go back to using balls of wool for the crochet, instead of trying to crochet together the short unpicked pieces and hiding the knots.  I have previously tried using slip knots, but unfortunately they sometimes unravel themselves.  On top of that I hate having to sew in all the ends.  I’m going to add more colours and I think this will progress much quicker from now on.

For the doodle challenge today I had to draw overlapping cubes, shaded on one side.  The prompt said I could add to the cubes, or leave them as they were.   I was using a ruler with letter stencils on it to draw the cubes, so I decided to put it to good use by adding patterns using the letter stencils:


While I was drawing I started to think about drawing houses from the cubes.  Then I remembered a program I’d seen years ago about the Ndebele people.  The program explained how the Ndebele used symbols to decorate their houses.  If you’ve not seen then then I suggest you check out google images to see them for yourself.

Can you imagine what our world would look like if we all painted our houses in some way?  Would everyone on the street get together to agree on a theme or colours and patterns?  Would people in different areas use different patterns and different colours?  What about graffiti?

I know, I’m going totally off the topic with this one.  I think what I’m trying to explain is that sometimes when you start to draw you get ‘into a zone’ that brings with it a stream of thought, ideas, possibilities.  Some of them may be extreme, but ideas for projects have to start somewhere.  Maybe I’m starting to feel the benefit of settling down to draw for a short time every day.

Sketchbook Pages

I’ve had a funny sort of day today.  I started out this morning painting some papers.  I left them to dry.  Then I sidetracked onto some crochet I started a while a go.  I kept looking at it and thinking that the colours weren’t right.  I’d used some different purples, green, cream and a bright pink.  I was fine with the purples and green, but the cream and pink just didn’t seem to work.  So I started unpicking it.  While I was unpicking, I decided I wasn’t sure of the pattern.  I’d used the african flower crochet pattern, which is beautiful, but it just wasn’t for me after all.  So, I decided a solid granny square might be better.  After searching the Internet for a pattern I settled down to try it out in a few different colours.  Here are the squares:


These are much simpler than the african flower and I’m thinking they will be easier to live with.  As soon as I’ve finished the post I’m going to crochet more.

I then moved on to a wall hanging I’d started ages ago.  I wasn’t keen on some of the stiching, so I started unpicking.  It’s sat beside me looking very sorry for itself!

Next I moved onto my sketchbook.  I settled down with a couple of prints of photos, some glue, pencils, and paint.  I started by sticking the printed photos in the top left hand corner of a page and let the inspiration do the rest.  Here are the pages:


As you can see, I’m still very fond of the hydrangea sepals.  I also liked the texture and colours of the stones.

I’m hoping that tomorrow I’m going to be more productive than destructive!