Crawling Back to Creativity

Though I haven’t posted for a while, I’m pleased to report that I have recently managed to get back into stitching.  Last week I gave a talk to Huddersfield Embroiderer’s Guild.  I was asked to talk about computers and embroidery.  I agreed to do it not only because it was a great opportunity, but also because I knew it meant I would have to finish some pieces, create a few new ones, and make them presentable i.e. I would have to frame them too.

Firstly, I finally finished the poppies.  Originally the stems were too thin.  I added thicker stems (by stitching down thicker yarns) and they just looked false.  I removed them and added more stitching, particularly pink down the side of the stems.  Here’s the finished picture:

poppies blogThe following piece was inspired by Warm Tides by Sharon Cummings.  I loved the colours and the apparent movement in the original.  As part of my distance learning machine embroidery course I was required to use bonding techniques.  I used dyed and painted strips as the basis of the work, then attempted to use the machine stitching to give the impression of movement:

warm tides stitchedI also stitched a few more leaves (one of my favourite subjects).  The first one was inspired by a leaf I dried long ago.  I drew the outline, then a border, and added the word leaf.  The stitching was freemotion ‘go with the flow’:

Leaf 1 blogThe second leaf was based on a photograph I took some time ago:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I used photoshop to find the oultines and made a print.  The print was painted with transfer dyes, and the image transferred onto polyester fabric.  Lots of machine embroidery followed:

leaf 2 blogFor the next piece, Michaelmas Daisies, I used lutradur and a die cutter.  The lutradur was coloured with Lyra Aquarelle, then stitched:

Lutradur and die cut michaelmas daisies blogI liked the translucent nature of the lutradur when it was held up to the light. I’ve already bought a small, second hand  lampshade so that I can take it to pieces and then hopefully create something special.  Let’s hope it doesn’t take quite so long.

6 thoughts on “Crawling Back to Creativity

  1. Well thank goodness for that! Let’s put on the kettle and celebrate! It’s so good to see what you are doing. Now I’m inspired. I love the idea of a print coloured with transfer paints or maybe….. Hmmmm ideas are popping. Not good just before bed.
    As usual I love your colour choices and the pink down the sides of the poppy stems is inspired. Well done for doing your talk too. I pressed the like button and the whole thing disappeared! :-/ 🙂

    • I’m sat here smiling at your comments Dee, thank you so much for the encouragement, it really does make the blogging worthwhile x

  2. These pieces are amazing Julie, very inspirational!! I love the finished poppies piece. How did the talk go down? I hope it was well received and you got some good feedback. Great to see creative work from you again, looks like you’ve been very busy…!

    • Hi Beth. The talk went well, thank you, and I came away feeling proud that I’d taken on such a challenge. I’ve just got a few days off so I’m trying to start more projects.

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