From Sketchbook to Travel Tags

I’m sat here in front of my laptop thinking ‘I can’t believe it was July when I last posted on the blog.’  Where did the time go?  More importantly, why didn’t I at least write a few posts every week during August?  Though I have been very busy I cannot find a good enough reason to offer to my friends who kindly spent their time reading my blog posts.  I apologise and starting today I am going to put things right.

I’m pleased to say that I have found a little time for crafts during the month of August.  Most of the time was spent finishing off little projects I stated in July.  Today I’m going to give an update of the project for Ackworth Embroiderer’s Guild.  You may remember this sketchbook page from my previous post:

I had attended an Embroiderer’s Guild meeting where Anne Brooke presented some of her work and told us her story.  Anne produces some beautiful work in her sketchbooks – I was lucky enough to spend a few minutes admiring one of them.  Don’t you think there is something really special about being allowed to look through someone’s sketchbook?  To me it feels like the individual is allowing you to look into their soul – everything is out in the open for you to see, sketches, thoughts, feelings, raw ideas – it makes my skin tingle just thinking about it!  Since then I have been thinking of my sketchbook as my ‘everything book,’  the place where I store little snippets, ideas, develop some of the ideas etc.  It’s turning into a little treasure, not because the art is brilliant, but because I know where to find what I’m looking for.  Previously I started a number of sketchbooks for different themes, and they are still sitting mostly empty on my shelves, apart from my colour sketchbook which has swatches from my different paints, crayons etc. and any colour theme ideas.

Anyway, back to the sketchbook page.  The challenge (presented that same evening) was to produce three gift tags to represent a country which was randomly chosen by members selecting a sealed envelope.  As soon as I opened the envelope I felt pleased and inspired by the name of the country I had chosen randomly.  Lots of ideas started buzzing around my head, and some of them can be seen on the page above.

I wanted to use a few different techniques to produce designs for the gift tags.  Here are the finished tags:

Travel tag 1 – hand stitched design on a plain background:

Stitched travel tag 1Travel tag 2 – Machine stitched papers:

Stitched travel tag 2Travel tag 3 – Sheer fabric on cotton, the design was machine stitched, bondaweb ironed on the back, the subject was cut out and ironed onto velvet and the outline was stitched again:

Stitched travel tag 3There is a competition for the best tags, and due to the high standard of some of the members I’m not expecting to be a prize winner, it wasn’t what I was aiming for.  Members are also going to be asked to guess the country represented in the tags.  I am hoping this is going to be fairly obvious.  What do you think?

8 thoughts on “From Sketchbook to Travel Tags

    love the tags, it can be quite difficult working on a small scale can’t it, think it might be India??

    • Hi Irene, Always great to hear from you. I enjoyed working on the small scale and I’m just thinking that your silk Christmas tree idea would look great on special xmas gift tags. Yes, the country is India – I felt so lucky pulling that one from the envelope, I don’t think Hornsea or Cleethorpes would have had quite the same effect on me!

  2. Welcome back! It’s great you had a challenge that got you thinking as well as inspired! These are lovely and so different to each other. Xxx

    • Hi Dee, I did enjoy the challenge. Maybe I should set myself one. After the blossom theme earlier in the year I was tempted with a poppy theme. I’ve taken lots of photos, so maybe i’ll think up some more ideas x

  3. Welcome back!! I guessed India straight away…the Taj Mahal gave it away! This is a really fun idea and your tags are great 🙂
    Also like the thoughts on a sketchbook – I tend to do a separate one for each course unit but I’m thinking about doing one for everything going forward…

    • Hi Beth, I thought the Taj Mahal was the give away. That one was a bit of a challenge, but I made it eventually. I was never organised enough for a sketchbook for each unit, though I wish I had been. It must be very useful when you want to look back at your own progresss, ideas etc. I can recomment working with just one in terms of being organised x

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